Fukui   Memo
Circle Activity

I have joined Club Skill Exchange,Ltd.

 Objectives  Title, Initial & Skill of
Board Members
To share knowledge, skills
& information among circle members
through communication in English.

CEO S : Origami
COO S : Oil Paintings
CFO S : Tennis
Dir. M : Invention
Dir. H : Ping Pong
Dir. F : Shigin


Message from Fukui :Nil

Fukui's Attendance

Schedule in July 2024

06th 9:30 at EO
13th 9:30 at EU
20th 9:30at EU
27th 9:30at EO

Place G :GalaxCity
Place U:Umeda
Place O:Okimoto
Place S : Shogai GC
Place C : Chuo Honcho

 Member Fee: \1,000/Month

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